Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family Picutres 2012

We went to Albertson park to have Savannah do our family pictures for us this last year.  She did an amazing job and was super patient with us as taking pictures with two small people can be a challenge.
 My Brother has lost 100 pounds in the last year and looks amazing so I had to put one of him on here!
 He never gets to play with the umbrellas so he took advantage of the fact that we wanted to keep him calm and happy 
 The whole family!
 Griff isn't looking at the camera but that's okay.
 We thought the umbrellas would look super cool in a picture with all of us, what we didn't think of was that we would all have to be at the same level to be able to see everyone, I think you can kind of see everyone.  Sorry Dad you are kind of hiding.
 My Boys
 The Boys with Grandma and Grandpa
 Such a good uncle
 Another umbrella shot
 Lovin on my baby
We should send this one in to a modeling agency for little kids,  hahaha

Monday, March 25, 2013

Clean Boys

I had to put a couple of more recent photos on, pardon the wall in the background we were deciding on paint colors. 

My projects

After sanding and taking out the top drawers

The finished product, we are not using it as our TV stand/Entertainment center in our living room, 


 A wreath I made out of coffee filters

 I added some stuff to it but this was a wreath I made for fall
 These are the pudding cups I made for Cooper's class for the Halloween party

 My Christmas version of a wreath, letters made with Red berries

By far my greatest pintrest find so far.  I had so much fun making these with the boys, I know that I will look forward to getting them out every Christmas.

There are monsters ON my bed

So Cooper got this idea that there were monsters on his bed, we have no idea where it came from but here are some pictures of all the random places that we found him sleeping.
 Most kids are afraid of their closets, ours goes in his to be safe and even closes the doors behind him so that nothing can get in.
 I just don't really understand why behind the bed was a good idea but what do I know.
 He moved his rug so he could lay in the middle of his room covered with a blanket.  I didn't know he was even under it until I saw his feet. 
I am pretty sure this is the first place I caught him, I had no idea where he was, it took me a while to find him.  It took us a few months to get him to stay in his bed all night.  He just makes me laugh.

3 years and 9 months

I think that these are my favorite pictures so far, Coop was such a ham and Griff did such a good job of flirting with the photographer. 

 3 years have gone by so fast, I can not believe that he is that old already.

9 months old and so cute, he is just so happy all the time.  

Christmas and other randomness of fall/winter 2012

In no specific order here
 Trying to get some shots for the Christmas card
 Helping Dad rake the front lawn (I think he just made more of a mess but he thought he was helping)
 More Christmas Card shots
Baths are so much more fun in the kitchen sink
I have no idea what Cooper was doing but this was a pretty good picture considering Griffin had just figured out how to crawl and was everywhere, especially under the tree.

6 months and counting

Six months went by so fast, he is so happy and mellow.  He thinks that Cooper is just about the greatest person that walked the planet.  I love to watch them together and can only imagine how much fun they will have growing up.

Griff 3 months Coop 2 1/2

I am playing catch up, these were taken when Griffin was 3 months and Cooper was 2.5.  It was last summer, I know am way behind.  This was photo shoot number 2, I always try to get the very first one of the morning because I know that at 11 am both of my boys turn into monsters and the first try was living proof.  My poor dad went with me and had to witness the craziness that is pictures with two small kids.  At least the second try went better, we did the together pictures first to see how long Cooper would last.  Posing for pictures with his brother that I am actually paying for isn't one of his favorite things to do.

Coop's first movie

So last July we took Coop to his first movie, Madagascar 3 or as he would call it the Afro Circus movie.  He loved it, and even got up during the afro circus part and did his little dance.  He ate more popcorn than Bobby and I combined and spilled his sprite all down the front of his pants and chair but we had a good time and will do it again for sure.  It was nice to let Grandma have some quality Griffin time while we did something special with Coop.