Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Little Water Baby

I got this water table from a friend and I think it has to be Cooper's favorite summer toy so far. I think that if we let him he would play in the water all day. He wasn't very happy when we had to come in to eat dinner.

Just Chillin with my new hat and swimsuit
Stitch decided that Coop's water table was just a large dog bowl so she and Lilo helped themselves while playing.

On a hot day the only thing to do to cool down is to run through the sprinkler. Bobby and I had a pretty good time showing him how it was done. He thought it was pretty funny when we squealed because of how cold the hose water was!

He had to take a break from all of the fun with the water to play with his awesome truck from Grandma.

Giving Bear a hug because he was missed, he couldn't come and play in the water with us.