Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Griffin arrived 3 weeks early on April 3rd, my delivery was amazing and we have all been doing really well.  I was supposed to work through the end of that week at my new job and only got one day but everything worked out great.  He has been a terrific baby and Cooper is an amazing big brother, I am so proud of him.  We took our family to get pictures done about 2 weeks after Griff was born and here are some of my favorites.

 Cooper was helping the photographer with the lighting and this what turned out
 He hadn't opened his eyes a whole lot so it was nice to get at least one picture of them.

 I know that babies don't really smile but I would swear this was a smile!
 This is his squishy grump face, Cooper had one that was very similar.

 We couldn't even help ourselves.
 Coop loves to wear these goggles that came with a tool kit he got for his birthday.  He wore them with a pair of rain boots the other day to the store with Bobby.
 Coop demanded that he hold his brother this day and once he had him he demanded that I take pictures, all I could do was laugh and grab the camera.
 Enjoying the nice weather we had

 Coop loves his brudder.