Saturday, November 20, 2010

9 Month Pictures

Cooper is already 10 months old but I am just getting around to posting his 9 month pictures. I know that I say it a lot but time really does go by so fast now that he is in our lives. These were taken like 2 days after he turned 9 months old, and I think that they are my favorite so far. He just did what he wanted the whole time and the lady just kept taking pictures, I was amazed they turned out so well because she only took like 10 minutes to shoot them.
I love that he is sitting so nice, like he holds still all the time! haha
This is one of his new favorite things to do. I have no idea where he picked it up but he will stand up and squat down just for fun.
I am always a distraction when someone is trying to get him to do anything. I think that we have one of these from every picture session.
My blonde haired, blue eyed boy!

Halloween and Bath time!

So we thought that Coop would be a monkey for halloween but he totally hated the costume that we had so we moved on to plan b and went and got a different costume. Here is our Little Nemo, on his first Halloween. He really wanted the candy bars that Grandma and Grandpa were handing out, maybe next year.
This is how he ended his halloween. It was all just so much fun he couldn't stand it any more!
Ok these ones are totally in the wrong order but oh well. This is how his hair looks after a bath. It is super crazy, and this is after two hair cuts.
He really loves taking baths, I think that if we let him he would be in the bath tub all the time. He would splash around forever, just being blissfully happy.
This one is my favorite, we tried to do a mohawk but his hair is just too long to make it work. I love his smile with his two bottom teeth.