Friday, March 5, 2010

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper!

So Cooper learned to smile this week so now we spend all of our time using out idiot voices trying to get him to smile because it is just so cute. I love to watch all of the changes that happen, there are so many and they seem to happen so fast! He is almost seven weeks now and it just doesn't seem real to me that he could be that old already, time really does fly by super fast.

Smiling for Grandma and Mom

This is the face he will use to get anything he wants for the rest of his life!

In his full body coat in the car seat, he thought that he didn't like either of them but the second he got into the coat and warmed up he fell right asleep.

I just love this one

I do not like the cone of shame!
This one isn't Cooper but it was just too funny not to put on here. Lilo had to go to the vet a couple of weeks ago and they made her wear a cone for a week. We laughed at her a lot because she was limited on her activity but didn't understand that till she tried to do something. My favorite part was that the vet was calling it the cone of shame, like from the movie Up.